20 tips for effective landing pages


In this guide, you'll learn 20 things that will help you create a killer new landing page or take your existing landing page to the next level! Creating the most effective landing page will require us to tap into some of the fundamental laws of marketing, design, and psychology!

Great Design

It shouldn't be a surprise that design plays a big factor in landing page conversion rate. We tend to trust brands, websites, or companies more that use great design in their branding assets. Having a great clean design will have a big impact on your user's first impression and experience.

Clearly Stated Benefits

Your visitors are lazy, they don't want to have to think hard about what you offer and how it benefits them. If they can't understand how your product benefits them within a few seconds they will quickly leave. Be specific and clearly explain the benefits your product will offer them.

Hero Shot

Having a great main shot of your product above the fold can help immediately engage your visitors when they land on your page and help them understand what you're offering. Most people prefer looking at an image or watching a video over reading. Make sure to keep that in mind.

Easy to Scan

We all value our time. We get frustrated when content isn't easy to read. Keep your content and design easy to scan and digest to prevent your visitors from being frustrated and leaving before they get a chance to consider your product.

Ad Congruence

If you get traffic from ads or external platforms be sure to keep the message and design as congruent as you can between the creative that brought your visitors to your site and the landing page. This means using the same or similar colors, typography, and other design elements so your visitors don't get confused when they click over from the ad.

Strong CTA's

Your visitors won't do what you want unless you specifically ask them to. Clearly, tell your visitors what they must to do next in order to receive the benefits your product provides.

Focused Message

Keep your message on point and specific to one end goal. This might mean getting a visitor to buy a product, call you, enter their email, or request more information. Your landing page will be more effective when you keep your message on point and focus on a single objective.

Great Product Images

Although this should be apart from creating a great design, it's incredibly important to have clear images that show the features and benefits of your product.

Social Proof

As social creatures, we often look to others for guidance and feedback on a product before pulling out our credit card and buying it. Having social proof is a great way to show the feedback and opinions of previous customers that have already purchased and used your product.

Easily Shareable

People love to share the products and content they trust with their friends and social media following. Be sure to make it easy when your customers want to share your product on their facebook page, send a tweet, or pin it to one of their boards on Pinterest.

Mobile Friendly

A lot of people use their mobile devices to make purchases on the go. If you want their business you'll need to make sure your page design adapts to small screen devices and is easy to navigate.

Visual Guides

As I previously mentioned, helping your users scan your content will keep them more engaged and interested in your product. Use arrows, lines, and shapes to guide users through your content and to your call to action.

Confidence Boosters

When a user lands on your page for the first time they may be skeptical and cautious. This is completely understandable and should be kept in mind. There are things that we can do to increase our visitor's trust and confidence in our product. Guarantees, approval from other trusted sources and social proof all help boost your user's trust and confidence in your brand.

Limited Options

To prevent your visitors from being distracted, be sure to have limited links to other pages other than your terms of service page, privacy policy, and other necessary pages. You don't want to encourage your visitors to jump to another page.

Customer Support

Having a prominently displayed phone number, email, or live chat your visitors can use for questions will help you build trust and send the message to your visitors that you provide good customer support and are there for them should they need it.

A/B testing

You'll want to keep testing what works best for your business. Every test will have a winner and loser. Be sure to keep trying out new things in order to find the best-converting page for your product.

Consistent Branding

Be sure to keep your branding consistent across every page on your site. Your brand colors, logo, icons should be used to connect pages with each other.

Minimal Commitment

If you're asking for more commitment or information than your users are willing to give you to make the purchase they may change their mind and leave your page. Be sure to make it as easy and risk-free as possible for your users to purchase your product and they'll, in turn, come back and purchase from you again. Amazon is a good example of this.

Engaging Story

People enjoy a good story. Keep your visitors engaged and interested in your product by creating a story with your brand content and visual assets. If you can do that well, you'll build a strong brand and attract new fans that will keep coming back to buy your products.

Other Resources

These 20 tips are the fundamental components of a high converting landing page. It should go without saying however that without a great product people actually want it will be hard either way to make a sale no matter how great your landing page is, but if you do have a great product you'll only drive up your sales!

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