Of all the things I love of spring,

I love the new foliage, fresh and green,
Awaking from its silent slumber,
Revealing itself to all the wood That would admire its beauty;

And the sweet aroma that fills the air,
Each blossom releasing its intoxicating fragrance,
Which envelops their prey in a cloud of seduction,
Drawing each into the depths of past memory;

And the frogs and birds with their hypnotic song,
Lure their listeners into a trance of symphonic ecstasy,
Holding them captive in their presence,
While telling of their secret adventures past and present;

But most of all,

I love the golden rays of setting sun shining through the late day forest,
Casting a radiant glow on everything in its path,
Revealing the stories that were told,
and whispering hints of stories to come,
Closing one chapter, and setting the stage for a new one at the morn.